Meet Daisy Nelson

There Are Some Moments So Powerful
That They Redefine Us...

Daisy Nelson was an ambitious career woman with a one-track mind. Her #1 goal had always been climbing the corporate ladder to achieve the pinnacle of professional success. But then, in a moment, everything changed.

When she’s not busy working with clients, Daisy is invariably spending time with her husband, Scott, and their son, Lance.

You see, when Daisy first held and looked into the face of her newborn son, Lance, what had seemed so important to this accomplished businesswoman suddenly took a backseat to the beautiful little boy nestled in her arms. The deadlines and meetings that had been her top priority for so long were trivial by comparison. From this point on, family would forever be at the center of Daisy’s world.

Daisy Nelson and family

A Motivated Spirit

It’s true, family comes first for this devoted wife and mother. But goal-setting and a drive for accomplishment are still very much in her blood. It’s this spirit that enabled Daisy to achieve great success during her tenure in corporate retail management for nearly a decade.

A recognized leader, during her tenure with a national retail chain, Daisy later joined a renowned employment agency. Beginning in sales, she quickly worked her way up to become the director of the department. “My mother and father taught me a strong work ethic early on,” Daisy explains. As a result, this motivated woman has never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down to business.

The Pacesetter

Daisy sits down with you and carefully listens to your unique needs. Then, she creates a plan of action tailor-made to fit your goals.

Today, family is the key word in Daisy’s life. That’s why she is so passionate about her real estate career. Daisy is positively thrilled to go to work each day to help families throughout the area with one of life’s biggest investments—buying or selling a home. With her extensive business experience, commitment to hard work and drive to excel, it’s not surprising that she has become a pacesetter in this competitive industry.

Not only does Daisy have the sound business expertise to ensure you maximize your real estate opportunities, she also takes a genuine interest in your family’s best interests. She goes above and beyond to bring you all the information you need to make the right decision for today and the years to come.

Daisy Nelson Pacesetter

Understanding Your Family's Needs

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home or have any type of question or need when it comes to West Palm Beach FL real estate, count on Daisy Nelson. She is a dedicated real estate professional who is uniquely committed to Understanding Your Family’s Needs.

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Contact Daisy and you will see for yourself how Daisy will go above and beyond to help your family achieve your real estate goals!